Development Opportunities

Development Opportunities

Peermont's Development and Expansion Focus

  • Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean hotel development and management contracts, casino projects and convention centres that deliver a generous IRR.
  • We tend to focus on projects that have potential to be reburbished, upgraded, Brownfields or Greenfields that have land capacity for further development and the "right" address.
  • Hotel projects with a minimum of 80 keys.
  • Projects that are in a stable political environment and a sound economy.
  • Partnerships with ‘like-minded' investors that have integrity and are interested in very strict quality control.
  • Projects that can yield a minimum of 40% EBIDTA and an IRR of 18%.
  • Projects that can match our brand strategy in major cities and towns, close to major tourism attractions or airports, or in industrial or suburban areas.

Peermont Services in New Property Development

During the design, construction and pre-opening phases in developing a new hotel or resort, Peermont provides extensive services:

  • Site Evaluation:
    A survey of the local market and infrastructure is conducted to evaluate conditions and regulations that will effect the project.
  • Market Surveys:
    To assess opportunities presented by a specific site, a number of key economic, social, and political issues are analyzed.
  • Consultants:
    The Peermont Development Team recommends qualified design consultants, and reviews the owner-selected consultants and their qualifications. Once the team is selected, it guides, reviews, and monitors the planning, design, construction, and outfitting of the hotels. This includes providing design assistance to the consultants and supplying detailed specifications for furnishings and equipment.
  • Concept Design:
    To determine the concept and size of the hotel or resort, the Peermont Development Team prepares a project description the preliminary design statement) and a space utilization program (the preliminary area program). The concept is then developed and amplified during meeting among the major creative consultants - architects, interior designers, landscape architects and the Peermont Development Team.
  • Design Development:
    The Peermont Development Team continues to provide assistance in the production of the conceptual design. When it is completed, the architects and interior designers proceed with their respective phases of the project's design. They incorporate Peermont's back-of-house layouts as well as specialized operational features.
  • Design Presentation and Mock-up Rooms:
    The interior design concepts and full-scale mock-up guest rooms are presented by the interior designers and the contractor for review by the owner, the design and operational teams and the Peermont Development Team. This is the culmination of earlier reviews and meetings between the interior designer and the Peermont Development Team.
  • Construction and Outfitting:
    During the construction period, a project manager is seconded to the project, ensuring that the hotel is completed in accordance with the approved designs and with Peermont's design standards and criteria. In addition to ensuring close adherence to the agreed upon designs, the on-site project manager also assists the owner to minitor the selection, procurement, and installation of all furnishings and equipment, including the hotel operating equipment. Finally, the project manager is the leader during the hand-over of the hotel, as well as the official liaison with the Peermont pre-opening team.

During the design and construction phases, additional tasks are undertaken to assure the profitable operation of a new hotel.

  • Prudent Financial Management
    This includes budget preparation, cash flow analysis, internal controls, financial restructuring, inventory control, revenue analysis and forecasting.
  • Food and Beverage:
    Data gathering for projecting profitability includes: calculating the availability of fresh and seasonal products; assessing the local competition; and determining local food and beverage preferences and trends.
  • Human Resources:
    Staffing-up activities include: estimating staffing needs, determining the availability of local personnel, assessing the need for training and for employee housing; preparing an outline staffing guide; and creating payroll cost analyses.
  • Peermont Group Marketing
    Peermont Group Marketing creates an innovative marketing and communications plan that offers unique selling propositions and includes market positioning within a market segment strategy, pre-opening advertising and promotions, opening launch function, brochures, collateral, PR, database marketing, website development, Internet and direct marketing and measurement of marketing spend against returns. The local and international sales teams initiates the sales effort by seeking advance bookings.

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